Secondary Curriculum

curriculum for lower Secondary school (UK7-UK9/SK6-SK8)

Lower Secondary School Curriculum
(Year 7 - Year 9/SK ZŠ 6. - 8. ročník)
11 to 14 year old students

Pearson Edexcel iLowerSecondary (iLS) is a complete, three year programme for students between the ages of 12 and 14. Similar to the iPrimary, subjects are taught through six-weekly, cross-curricular modules while Mathematics, Languages and Sciences remaining discrete subjects.

​As well as the curriculum itself, the programme also comes with a wealth of support with sample Schemes of Work, exemplified Units of Work, internally assessed Progress Tests, externally assessed Achievement tests and a comprehensive Professional Development programme – all supported by world-renowned Pearson print and digital courseware.


The Pearson Edexcel iLowerSecondary English curriculum is designed specifically for non-native speakers of English who are studying the majority of their curriculum subjects in English. Taking the best approaches of a first language curriculum and combing them with EAL progression, scaffolding and support, students will be well prepared for further study in International GCSEs in either English as a First or English as a Second Language.


The Pearson Edexcel iLowerSecondary Mathematics curriculum has been created as an internationalised, updated version of the latest English National Curriculum (2014). Providing a strong foundation in mathematics, the curriculum reinforces concepts from primary mathematics and bridges the gap to the study of International GCSE Mathematics and beyond.


With a strong emphasis on developing scientific enquiry skills and content designed to support enquiry-based learning, the Pearson Edexcel iLowerSecondary Science curriculum is based on the latest version of the English National Curriculum (2014), but with the international student in mind.
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