Costs to Attend

Annual School Tuition Fees

Annual School Tuition Fees 2019/20 (in Euros)

Kings Year GroupSlovak Year GroupAnnual FeeTerm 1 Term 2Term 3Monthly (10 monthly payments)
UK 2 SK 1 9.500,-3.800,-2.850,-2.850,-950,-
UK 3SK 29.500,-3.800,-2.850,-2.850,-950,-
UK 4SK 39.500,-3.800,-2.850,-2.850,-950,-
UK 5 SK 410.900,-4.360,-3.270,-3.270,-1.090,-
UK 6SK 510.900,-4.360,-3.270,-3.270,-1.090,-

Kings Year GroupSlovak Year GroupAnnual FeeTerm 1 Term 2Term 3Monthly (10 monthly payments)
UK 7 SK 6 11.900,-4.760,-3.570,-3.570,-1.190,-
UK 8SK 711.900,-4.760,-3.570,-3.570,-1.190,-
UK 9SK 811.900,-4.760,-3.570,-3.570,-1.190,-

Kings Year GroupSlovak Year GroupAnnual FeeTerm 1 Term 2Term 3Monthly (10 monthly payments)
UK 10SK G112.500,-5.000,-3.750,-3.750,-1.190,-
UK 11SK G212.500,-5.000,-3.750,-3.750,-1.190,-
UK 12SK G313.500,-5.400,-4.050,-4.050,-1.190,-
UK 13SK G413.500,-5.400,-4.050,-4.050,-1.190,-


Amount: 500 EUR

The deposit is payable on enrollment and will be refunded with the first fees invoice.

Registration fee

Amount: 300 EUR

The registration fee is payable on enrollment and non-refundable. This is once only payment.

Tuition include

  • Textbooks & teaching materials
  • Specialist English language teaching
  • Learning support
  • IGCSE (UK11/SK G2) and A-level (UK13/SK G3) exams fees (core subjects)
  • School trips in the local area
  • After school clubs (some for extra charge)

Tuition not-include

  • School meals & snacks
  • Optional school bus transportation
  • Some optional after school activities
  • Optional residential trips are extra charged


  • Early payment
    • We offer a 5% discount on school fees if they are paid for the whole academic year in advance by 30 June 2019
  • Sibling Discount
    • We recognize the impact that cost of a private school education can have on families with multiple children. In an effort to assist families considering our school, we have established a tuition discount for families with multiple siblings.
    • The sibling discount is as follows: 2nd child -10%; 3rd child -15%; 4th child -20%.
    • Registration fee apply only for the First child from siblings.
    • Definition of sibling – The student must be one of two or more children attending Kings Schools International Bratislava having one or both parents in common.
    • This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship.
    • The older child will pay full tuition fees. The discount applies to younger sibling(s) in the order of enrollment.
    • For siblings who apply together the discount will apply to the younger child. This will be established at the time of registration.
    • The sibling discount is applicable to the tuition fee only. All other fees including the registration fee and the deposit should is applicable to each child.
    • The sibling discount is not available where fees are paid by your employer or by any company.